SANS 10406 – CRMS

SANS 10406:2007 Container Reconditioning Management System Training

SANS 10406 covers the procedures to follow for the reprocessing of previously certified packaging for the transport of dangerous goods, to ensure that the reprocessed packaging meets agreed upon quality standards and that the safe transport of goods packaged in such reprocessed packaging is not compromised. The Container Reconditioning Management System (CRMS) follows the ISO methodology of the process approach for system management and continual improvement. The CRMS framework and structure has been developed for managing all Container Reconditioning related processes in a defined management system. The CRMS is intended to improve the organisation SHEQ performance for all activities and operations under the control of such an organisation.

ICCASA offers you tailored SANS 10406 Container Reconditioning Management System training courses in support of your key organizational strategic focus areas and adapted to address your industry and business needs. Training can be done in-house or by attending one of our public courses.

SANS 10406:2007 Container Reconditioning Management System – Implementation

The objective of this Implementation training course is to enable delegates to gain an understanding of the Container Reconditioning Management Systems (CRMS) by providing delegates with an overview and with basic knowledge of the implementation requirements of the SANS and ISO requirements; in order to establish, implement, measure and monitor the Container Reconditioning Management.

How will I benefit?
  • Understand the purpose of the CRMS and its intention
  • Understand how the elements of the CRMS function including legislation and related standards
  • Know how to develop, implement and monitor a CRMS
  • Know how to identify nonconformities within the CRMS and address the associated risks
Target Audience
This course is relevant to the Container reconditioning industry

SANS 10406:2007 Container Reconditioning Management System – Internal Auditing

This course will enable you to learn how to audit the processes of SANS 10406 container reconditioning management system.  Improve your auditing skills of SANS 10406 and enhance your internal audit capabilities. Learn how to effectively plan and perform an audit, write a comprehensive audit report and address nonconformities through relevant corrective actions

How will I benefit?
  • Learn how to conduct effective internal audits on your organization’s SANS 10406 container reconditioning management system in accordance with ISO 19011:2018 auditing principles
  • Understand how to plan, schedule, initiate, prepare and conduct SANS 10406 audit activities
  • Effectively close out, follow up and compile an audit report for distribution and action
Target Audience
This course will assist individuals who are responsible for doing internal audits against the SANS 10406 standard or anyone involved in the maintaining or supervising of a SANS 10406 container reconditioning management system within the organization


In-house training available upon request

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